RĀI (pronounced Ray) is a singer, songwriter from Gadsden, SC out of Harlem NYC.  His music is a vibe.  He infuses elements of both new and traditional R&B to intentionally create chill, unassuming timeless music.  He sees each song as a piece of art that is influenced more by his life and experiences and not just by what's "hot" and "trending".  "I approached creating my latest project similar to how I imagine a designer approaches creating a collection.  Painfully detailed.  Each piece unique.  Each appealing for different reasons but all goes together."  R&B has seen changes with style, trends and youth increasingly celebrated over substance, tradition and maturity but RĀI has an appreciation for all things R&B and believes the two can peacefully exist.  "I'm a singer who grew up loving how R&B music changed the world and made people feel.   My music is the truest expression of who I am today and I think it will evolve as I do. I'm trying to create music that people will want to hear next year, or the year after that and after that."   RAI's musical inspirations are Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Maxwell.  With his latest project, "Love's on the Way" he sought to create an album that was effortless in nature with such a strong vibe that once you pressed play you would just let it ride.

RĀI: Lover of life, Believer of Love, Man of Peace

Mission: "To be a beacon of light and hope in the world.  To use my voice - one song at a time, to bring a little love into the heart of every listener to help us all get one step closer to peace and healing"